Hung Hing Continues its Successful Partnerships with Edutainment Platforms

Hung Hing is continually growing its collaboration with edutainment platforms in Hong Kong. This printing company participated in the creation of various educational platforms for children, as well as entertainment and other types of online platforms for interactive learning. Using green sustainable material and advanced equipment for the creation and printing of its products, Hung Hing gained the trust of a versatile clientele, which established Hung Hing among the top printing companies in Hong Kong.

A highly creative team at Hung Hing believes that learning is easier through play. With that approach, Hung Hing had great success with edutainment platforms and made learning a pleasant journey for kids. This type of learning benefits all the parties included. Children are entertained while learning interesting lessons that will serve greatly in their future development; parents are satisfied that their children are having fun and learning at the same time; edutainment partners of Hung Hing are impressed with the success of these projects; Hung Hing is proud to make a positive impact on the youth. The utilization of green sustainable material contributes to the preservation of the environment, which is a major benefit of Hung Hing’s operations. 

Green sustainable material are one of the factors closely associated with Hung Hing. This company has been promoting sustainable practices and materials since its foundation in 1950. With its responsible approach, continuous advancement of its equipment, and high-quality services, Hung Hing influenced several businesses in the region that adopted similar practices and understood their roles in society; enabling them to make a positive change with rewarding results in the future.