Search Ads and Facebook Marketing

Search ads or Facebook marketing? Which one is better? There is no an absolute answer. It depends on your campaign goals. Let’s have a quick review on search ads and Facebook marketing. Search ads is one of the most effective ways to enhance website visibility while Facebook marketing is good for reaching a broad audience. 

Utilize the competitive advantage of search ads and Facebook marketing, selecting the right channel to optimize the promotion effect according to your campaign goals. Build brand awareness, increase consideration or enhance sales and revenue? Search ads are ideal for demand side, which means it aims to reach users who have high purchase intent in the consideration stage in the customer journey and mainly for increase conversion and sales. On the other hand, Facebook marketing is supply side, which means it aims to reach users in the awareness stage of the customer journey. They may not have purchase intent at first, but after seeing your Facebook posts or Facebook ads, potential customers will take your products into consideration. So you will see that search ads and Facebook marketing serve different intent and purpose. Said early in this article, choosing either search ads or Facebook marketing depends on your campaign goals. But actually, you can go into two channels at the same time to target users at every stage of the customer journey. And of course, if your business is focusing on a specific stage of the customer journey currently, use one of them or focusing more on one of the channels will be fine.