The Groundbreaking Platform To Host Any Events

Never imagine your events can be hosted online? Think twice! UC-Now created the groundbreaking Virtual Career Fair Platform that assist our clients hosting their career fair online. The Victual Career Fair Platform has multiple features to help you with organizing your career fair while bringing students and employers together. The Virtual Career Fair Platform comprises endless elements from webinar information sessions and virtual booths to real time interview sessions. The significantly increased interaction between job-seeker and employers will no doubt boost their experience. The Virtual Career Fair Platform will allow more than 500 participants to join the event at the same time. With our pre-built interface and optimized process, setting up an online career fair could be as easy as sending out an email as no additional application is needed. Introducing also the Employee Training Management Platform HK which is the one-stop platform to host all kinds of trainings online. Our Employee Training Management Platform HK allows our clients to manage their employees’ training easier than ever. Not only that employee can self-regulate their training sessions but also that employer’s area able to track their employee’s training needs. The Employee Training Management Platform HK will be able to help you and your employee to achieve better professional development outcomes. This Employee Training Management Platform HK is unique and one of a kind, you will not be able to access this anywhere else. Both platforms at UC-Now is here to assist all your needs. They are not only fully customizable, but they are able to provide the much-needed data that traditional face-to-face events could offer.