Virtual Education Platform Becomes an Integral Part of Institutions

NOW is a Hybrid Conference Solution HK that facilitates virtual communication and offers a variety of innovative tools for online engagement. The software provides multiple customer-driven applications that are designed strategically to meet the high demands of clients worldwide.

So far, UC. NOW accomplished extraordinary goals that made this platform the leading communication software in Hong Kong. Clients used it actively as a Virtual Education Fair Platform during the COVID-19 quarantine. It made meetings and classes easy, minimizing the difference between online and in-person education. During the quarantine time, UC. NOW gained a large clientele that solely relied on the services of this Hybrid Conference Solution HK.

Educational institutions were the most frequent users of UC. NOW. This Virtual Education Fair Platform provides several tools that are necessary for effective online engagement. Before UC. NOW, internet users needed to utilize several websites to complete simple tasks or hold meetings online. They needed one site for video conferencing, one to share materials, one to store files, and so on. When UC. NOW introduced all these options in one place, it was a real sensation in the region. Thus, many prestigious schools and universities started using UC. NOW as their main Virtual Education Fair Platform.

This Hybrid Conference Solution HK continues to expand. More and more institutions are incorporating UC. NOW into their regular educational programs. Considering the success of the company so far, it can be expected that this platform will become the main global online communication method in the future.