ISEB Math Tutor from Hong Kong Assists Students Worldwide

Independent senior schools offer numerous benefits that maximize students’ potential and open outstanding academic opportunities. The tests by the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) are widely used by independent prep schools and senior schools. The best-known entrance tests are the Common Entrance examinations at 11+ and 13+. These tests are typically used in the UK but numerous prestigious schools across the world use them as well. To ensure their children obtain the best results on the entrance exams, parents are highly encouraged to hire an ISEB Math Tutor.

There are multiple topics that students must go through while preparing for the ISEB exam. The Common Entrance at 11+ includes the numbers, ratio, proportion, and rates of change, algebra, geometry and measures, statistics, and probability, among other areas. Students usually take this entrance exam in Year 6. The examination takes place in November or January (needs confirmation) so parents must contact the ISEB Math Tutor at least a few months before. The duration of the tutoring depends on the knowledge of the client, as well as the learning speed.

Vic Li is an experienced ISEB Math Tutor stationed in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012, obtaining a Mathematics degree that enabled him to help students in numerous ways. Apart from assisting clients in getting the best possible results on math exams, Vic also helps them reach maximum potential and secure a better academic future. Although Vic lives in Hong Kong, he offers online tutoring to students worldwide.