Mental Health Service HK Influences Young Generations Positively

KELY Support Group provides comprehensive Mental Health Service HK to educational institutions and communities that understand the significance of mental health to young people. With effective programs, KELY’s specialists help the youth understand emotions, manage stress, avoid drugs and alcohol and work on the mental health continuously.

Harm Reduction HK programs educate young people between the ages of 14 and 24 on the dangers and consequences of substance abuse. The attendees of KELY’s Mental Health Service HK mostly do not speak Cantonese as they come from ethnic minorities. They attend the programs in the English language, which also benefits their socialization and communication skills.

The effect of the KELY Support Group can easily be seen in the results of the organization. Around 8,000 students participate in KELY’s programs each year. The impact that the Harm Reduction HK program has on people is not only related to the attendees but also the general awareness of this topic in the region. Students that attend KELY’s workshops are motivated to take care of their mental health, which also influences people around them. They can help their peers, and siblings so the reach of the Mental Health Service HK extends continually.

KELY Support Group was founded in 1991. At the time, there were not many Harm Reduction HK programs in schools. In fact, even today not every educational institution pays enough attention to mental health. The outstanding achievements of this organization only encourage KELY to keep following its vision and help as many communities in Hong Kong as possible.