Leading Surveillance Security Solutions

As a leading surveillance company, Guardsec Hong Kong covers all your security needs. Guardsec Hong Kong is one of the best companies within the area that provides the ultimate Security Solutions for any personal use or commercial use. Our Security Solutions are flexible as we can provide both NVR and DVR surveillance system for you based on your demands. Our surveillance cameras are known for the excellent feature of Detect Body Temperature. With the feature of Detect Body Temperature, your surveillance system can work both day and night. Our thermal cameras can Detect Body Temperature and show you a body image on screen for best visibility. We import the best quality cameras and our Security Solutions team ensure that cameras that Detect Body Temperature can eliminate any security blind spot. Guardsec Security Solutions offers all-rounded information from video surveillance to analytics. Our famous integrated security system is customer focused as we have a private team to design the best Security Solutions for you. Our consulting team will speak with you to provide consultation so ensure all your security needs are covered. Working together with our consulting team and installing our wide range of top-notch cameras that can Detect Body Temperature, all your security blind spot will be eliminated. Our Security Solutions crew will recommend the best security system options for you that suits your budget. Whether you are looking for budget friendly systems or high-end security systems, Guardsec can provide you the best security products, it is the one-stop-shop for all your security requirements.