Water Treatment Service

Water Treatment HK is the process of purification from the water source. Various physics and chemistry of water treatment HK, including filtration, disinfection and salt. The most commonly used treatment methods are disinfection and filtration. Filtration and disinfection are used in combination or alone to provide an adequate and safe supply. Some public water systems provide filtration and filtration of clean water. Filters in water and methods of filtering and dissolving can be used. The method is separate, not used alone. Some are used in combination with other treatment methods. Water treatment HK is a public health responsibility, but some companies and utility companies also treat their water.

After the water treatment service, impurities are removed from the water, some water systems provide safety that is considered necessary for human consumption and supplyable products. Water treatment service include the treatment of water sources, as well as the treatment of delivering water to users. The water treatment service is usually carried out in a centralized location, and the treated water is carried out through pipelines. However, in some cases, the excess water is stored in a large tank for later use or for other people’s use.